Nevio Scala dissatisfied field

Nevio Scala dissatisfied fieldAfter the match Spartak-Dynamo, which ended in a draw 2:2, the head coach of the red and white Nevio Scala stated that he is very dissatisfied with the field at the stadium "torpedo". Eduard Streltsov. "I am very displeased if we printsa continue to play home games on this field," said Rock at the postgame press conference. However, the coach of Dynamo Moscow Yaroslav Grzebyk also expressed SWOT dissatisfaction with the quality of the lawn. "The pitch was in terrible condition. The ball was rolling very slowly, which prevented us to play fast football", said Grzebyk. Читать полностью -->

Kerzhakov travels to France to Sychev, not the view

Kerzhakov travels to France to Sychev, not the viewThe attacker "Zenit" and national team of Russia Alexander Kerzhakov, who today celebrates 21 years old, is planning to go to France to visit a friend Dmitry Sychev, forward of "Marseille".The trip will take place in early December - provided that the Zenit player in a short time will be able to apply for a visitor visa. Yesterday Kerzhakov has denied the information that the true purpose of the trip is the view in any club championship of France (recall that to show PSG and Lyon)."I repeat: the League does not appeal to me. The interest of several French clubs does not mean that I intend to change their place of residence and place of work. In Marseille'm not football, but for personal reasons - to visit Sychev.As for club Affairs - I'm a player "Zenit" and will remain so at least until EURO 2004, stressed the Hulk".. . . Читать полностью -->

Football Federation Greece denies the allegations in Armenia bribery

Football Federation Greece denies the allegations in Armenia briberyThe football Federation of Greece made a statement in which he denied all of the accusations put forward by the President of the football Federation of Armenia (FFA) Ruben Hayrapetyan, reports Goalstorm.FFA President Ruben Hayrapetyan said Saturday in Yerevan that the former captain of the football team Yervand Sukiasyan on behalf of the President of the football Federation of Greece offered him for the loss of the Armenian team bribe of $ 1 million.In a statement published on the official website of the football Federation of Greece, said:"Nobody has the right to defame the good name of Greece and the Greek national team. We believe that successful performance of our team was the cause of the dissatisfaction of many persons, who had not expected this. This can explain the allegations made by Mr. Hayrapetyan after the match between Greece and Armenia", - said in a statement.The football Federation of Greece called the accusations Ruben Hayrapetyan "shameful lie". The statement noted that the football Federation Greece has already sent an official complaint to UEFA, "demanding a thorough investigation and punishment of persons attempting to besmirch the good name of Greece and the Greek football Federation".The football Federation of Greece stated that it will take all necessary legal action against all persons and parties who caused a "gross insult" the national team of Greece, and will not stop until until all involved will be held accountable".. . Читать полностью -->

The match Spartak - CSKA will work 2 500 policemen

The match Spartak - CSKA will work 2 500 policemenThe rule of law during a football match Spartak - CSKA will provide more than 2.5 thousand police officers and servicemen of internal troops of the MIA of Russia. This was reported by the official representative of the Moscow police Lieutenant Colonel Eugene Gildeev.Recall that the game will start at 19:00 at the Metropolitan stadium "Luzhniki". Expected to watch the game there will be about 20 thousand fans. Gildeev told that the staff involved in special events security - 300 riot police 20 canine groups and 50 mounted police."For interoperability of the security forces set up operational headquarters, which will be headed by the commander of the Moscow Riot police major General Vyacheslav Kozlov," said Gildeev.The militia representative recalled that the audience will be withdrawn drinks in glass containers and items that can be used as weapons, pyrotechnics."The fans, who celebrated the victory of their favorite team before the game, the stadium will not be allowed," he said Gildeev. . . Читать полностью -->

Uralan will submit the appeal to the disqualification Kolodin and Tsiklauri

Uralan will submit the appeal to the disqualification Kolodin and TsiklauriTechnical Director of "Uralan" Yuri Shishlov intends to appeal against the decision of the FTC on a 5-match disqualification of two key players of the club forward Tsiklauri and defender Kolodin.- I carefully watched the episodes that led to such severe sanctions against our players, "said head coach "Uralan" Igor Shalimov in an interview with "SE". And for me remains a mystery: on the basis of such videos, you can make a decision about the use of profanity in conversation with the referee?! Especially strange looks punishment Kolodin, who judges never got Arshavin gave him to speak with judge him".However, the article 26.4 of the Disciplinary regulations approved by the Executive Committee of the RFU 14 April 2003 States: "the Appeals Committee may be appealed decision of the FTC RFU (FTC's Bureau), provides the following sanctions: a fine exceeding the maximum amount prescribed by this regulation; annulment of the result of the match (matches); replay of the match; the withdrawal points; the announcement of the match failed; disqualification of the stadium; a match without spectators; the exception to the current competition. The rest of the FTC decision of the RFU (FTC's Bureau) are final".. . . . Читать полностью -->

A]: we have to forget about the match against Cologne

A]: we have to forget about the match against CologneCSKA goalkeeper Benjamin] in an interview with "SE" tried to find an explanation for the recent failure of red and blue in a match with "Cologne" (1:9). As a prescription from the issue] suggested to forget about the meeting. "I think that to grieve over the defeat against "Cologne" not necessary, " said Moscow soldier. - This is just a misunderstanding. Now, if something like that happened to us during the season - that is another matter. I don't even know how much time it would take to bounce back"."But for now we are only at the first serious collection, and prior to the championship for two whole months! Better just to forget about that goddamn match - or to postpone the thought of it somewhere far away and continue to work. Читать полностью -->

Spartacus apologized to the fans

Spartacus apologized to the fansThe President of Spartak Andrew Chervichenko apologized to the fans for the match against Lokomotiv. On the club's official site today posted a statement Chervichenko: "We apologize for our weak game in the match with Lokomotiv. Understand that you are accustomed to great victories, to endure such humiliation especially hard. And we're not trying to make excuses for what happened, we analyze the reasons for such a painful lesions and do our best to remedy the situation. I will not vouch for the results of the remaining games, but that conceding in every match will be fighting at the limit of strength can be no doubt".. . Читать полностью -->

Valdano was fined 2,000 euros - sports Director of real Madrid Jorge

Valdano was fined 2,000 eurosSports Director of real Madrid Jorge Valdano fined 2 thousand Euro for the attack on the judge after the semi-final of the Spanish Cup match against Sevilla. According to officials, Valdano too vigorously expressed claims to the arbitrator for the fact that he was removed from the field as a leading player in the real Madrid Zinedine Zidane.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

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